Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development

The mobile has become so versatile that it has become a tool of doing business. Across all age group, rather it has become an addiction. The businesses are exploiting this user behavior for attracting customers through customized mobile apps. Mobile apps offer many advantages over websites and hence customers use more mobile apps than websites for information, shopping, location tracking, payments, etc. Behind the success of many businesses lies a mobile app. Mobile app has become an integral part of business strategy.

We have a proven track record of developing world-class mobiles apps. Our team entwines your sales processes from “Window Shopping” to “Make Payment” in a few steps. Our apps with Push Notifications will get the hidden persuader in the customers to click on your product and services. Our fast loading mobile apps are compatible with all major operating system and devices, user friendly, scalable, secured and integrated with social media and payment options.

We, Solipps Group are one of the fastest growing Mobile application development companies in Surat, Gujarat, India, provide worth solution, services on Android & IOS platforms and give an incredible platform to your customers and acquaintances to recognize their brands, have their reviews and get into to the world of indefinite possibilities.

Consulting Us – Our company is also interested in such projects, especially if they are large-scale and designed for the international market. Contact us to discuss ordering a mobile application that will conquer the whole world!

What is a mobile application

Over the past 10 years, the number of smartphones used has exceeded 2.5 billion. Every year, consumers spend $380 billion on new devices. Each of them has applications that simplify life, helping to count, communicate, and order a taxi or food.

A mobile app itself is application software developed for smartphones and tablets with various operating systems: iOS, Android, KaiOS, Harmony OS, Tizen, and others. In most cases, it requires access to the Internet if it is connected to remote resources.

Mobile operating systems

A mobile operating system (OS) is a software package that allows smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets to manage resources of a device itself and organise direct interaction with a user. Most mobile operating systems run only on certain hardware. For example, iOS is made for iPhones, and Android is used on Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Nokia, and other smartphones. In 2019, they still maintained their positions.

Categories of useful applications

For business

There are specific and multipurpose business apps depending on the areas of activity. Businessmen appreciate universal, full-featured tools that help them easily manage their business and optimize work processes. For example, they choose applications that can do the following:

  • Operate with office documents.
  • Sort, store, and transfer data.
  • Provide information support on taxes and laws.
  • Plan a schedule and tasks.
  • Manage accounting and personnel.
  • Aggregate business news and events.

For marketing

Any company has clients and partners with whom it is necessary to establish feedback. Find out the needs of your audience by turning them into users of the company’s mobile application. Even simple promotional apps can competently advertise new products. Provide your marketers with tools that can do the following:

  • Fill blogs and communities with content.
  • Work with social networks.
  • Process images and videos.
  • Collect statistics and conduct analytics.
  • Track brand mentioning.
  • Send newsletters via messaging apps and other communication channels.

For personal use

An application becomes popular when it has functions useful and necessary for people. Your company can promote its brand through a non-profit app, so the application itself can become a marketing tool. Just give the world something truly necessary and gain universal recognition. The following kinds of applications will make your company an assistant in user’s personal life:

  • Educational apps, applications for mastering skills or learning languages.
  • Personality and psychological tests.
  • Converters, meters, counters, trackers.
  • Motivating, dietary, and sports apps.
  • Personal finance management and home accounting systems.
  • Task and shopping planners.

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