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Social Media Marketing in Surat


 Effective Marketing on Social Media:

Effective social media marketing relies on gaining access to metrics; however, most social media marketing solutions today focus on awareness metrics that have their roots in advertising (e.g. number of impressions and increased reach). Solipps Group & Co. has taken a different approach by enabling all of its social media marketing solutions to track conversions in addition to reach and awareness metrics. This enables marketers to understand the true impact that each social media campaign contributes to key business objectives, such as driving revenue, subscriptions or downloads.

social media is crucial aspect of marketing now days. people get know when people can see on facebook, twitter, google+, pintrest, linked in etc.

if you go social you go viral. and by using the power we can target mass and without boundaries of geography.

Solipps Group & Co. is India’s social media marketing solutions provide professional marketers with the ability to apply proven direct marketing principles to their social media efforts.